Handheld Oscillating Spindle Sander

Grizzly spindle sanders are more of the same as they have proven time and time again that they deserved to be recognized with all of the top manufacturers, which they are. The Grizzly G Oscillating Spindle Sander comes in at the middle of the pack when looking at price, and compared to most it has some very good features. The G is one of the many spindle sanders by Grizzly as it boasts versatility in proving that performance is an option. The oscillating feature is a must have as it helps create some of the smoothest, and best sanding finishes. Suited for the average user due to the ease of use and no learning curve, but still boasts some high-end features. It comes with 6 spindles in a wide variety of diameters giving you plenty of options out of the box. With a cast iron table and all things considered, this oscillating spindle sander is very versatile and portable weighing in at just under 37 pounds. The full dimensions are 19 x 16 x 20 inches.

Toolbox Tuesday: Turn Your Shop Vac into a Two Stage Dust System

Nor do you have to shell out the big bucks for a central dust collection system. You can capture most nuisance dust with a standard shop vacuum and a few accessories. Getting rid of sawdust Get universal adapters for transitions Adapter options Universal adapters make transitions easy for a DIY dust collector. The best strategy for a DIY dust collector is to buy a universal adapter, which is available at home centers and other stores that sell shop vacuum accessories.

 · $, 2 amps The most ergonomic sander I’ve ever held in my hands. It’s quiet and lightweight with little vibration. At 2 amps, it’s also the weakest one we have in the shop, and just barely strong enough for flattening big epoxy ://

I’ve never met anyone who knew how to sand. People “follow the leader” and do what the next guy is doing. Even “professionals” learned this way. There is only one reason for not liking sanding, because it’s not working! If you learn how to sand a stripper it will be fast and easy, and the results, wonderful. Buy a sander, put some sandpaper on it and sand. But then, it’s no fun when the sandpaper clogs up and you’re moving the thing back and forth and nothing’s happening.

So people do something silly like pick up a block plane and use that, because they can see it’s doing something. I mention a block plane because some builders suggest you use one, I don’t! You should have results as clearly when sanding, as you do when using a plane. First, you must understand three common sanding problems. ONE, people commonly use the wrong sandpaper grit for the task at hand. Most builders use 80 grit sandpaper on a power sander to rough sand their stripper.

Best Cheap Sanders of All Time

I personally love to use hand held electric power sanders on large surfaces of my furniture and just use the sanding sponges or sanding blocks for corners or hard to reach areas. Electric sanderss make the job fast and they do a really good job of smoothing out surfaces. What type of electric sander is the best for furniture refinishing?

You can pick up the Dust Right Separator and Clear Hose Kit from Rockler Tools for a little over $ and hook it up directly to your current shop vac. Sounds much better than spending almost a grand on dirt right? From my thickness planer, to my miter saw to my palm sander, everything runs through my Dust Separator and my shop is a much happier ://

A wide variety of sanders have been developed through the years, each of which performs a specific function different than the others. While there may be some overlap between different types of sanders and their use, there is enough difference to justify each style. Sanders are used more for finishing work than anything else. Determining the type of sander to use for a particular project depends upon the shape and size of the workpiece as well as how fine of a sanding job needs to be performed.

It is not unusual for a do-it-yourselfer to buy several different types of sanders. To help you pick the best sander for your needs, we have prepared an informative buyer’s guide provided for you below. Of all the types of power sanders in existence, palm sanders have to be the most useful. The purpose of sanding at least in woodworking is usually to smooth a finished project prior to applying your finish. Palm sanders work by vibration and there are two ways that this can be accomplished.


Like all dedicated woodworkers, I have no problem generating copious amounts of dust and debris. With new shop vacuums, even the most basic models are quite capable, making the dreaded cleanup job much more convenient, effective and enjoyable. Efficient filters and well-sealed tanks are standard with most current models, and design and engineering advances have resulted in vacuums that fit the needs and budget of almost every woodworker and DIYer. A Model for Every Need I evaluated eight shop vacuums, from very affordable general-purpose models to high-end dust extractors for professionals and serious and well-heeled woodworkers.

Whether you need to clean your shop floor, extract dust from a power sander or suck up a small flood in your basement, one of these units has you covered. I found that all of the tested vacuums provide more than adequate suction for their intended use.

Q: Why does my Shop-Vac ® wet dry vac blow dust back into my room? A: You need to use a filter capable of catching the dust and dirt you are cleaning up. When you are picking up fine dust you need a HEPA or high efficiency cartridge filter, a cartridge filter with a HEPA collection bag or a cartridge filter with a high efficiency disposable filter bag.

Can anyone recommend something? Along with the surface grinder, would it be feasible to hook up the vacuum to other machines as well such as a pedestal grinder? The caution here is watch the filter elements PM Thread I have been using the unit regularly since. The only change I made was to the collector funnel, I widened it towards the back for when I use my homemade motorized spin fixture.

IIRC, Harig makes a wheel guard just for this. The guard that is mentioned above is called a Vacu-Guard. Torit makes several sizes of dust collectors. The last shop I worked in had all 9 of there Harigs hooked to 2 Torit dust collectors. I will try to get some pics of it this evening. It is a very clean and inexpensive set up and sure beats the snot out of grinding dust going everywhere.

No fun trying to get it open to put out the fire wondering if it’s going to flash when you open the door and the air hits it:

7 Best Orbital Sander Reviews: For Professional Silky Smooth Surfaces

This is the best and most durable and efficient one to date. After 5yrs of use, it still preforms as new. I had to “fiddle with it a few times for it to stay in place during operation in the higher speeds. I wrote to Rigid customer service about the reviews believing they could see what I saw n the reviews and realize there was a defective pad pattern.

I was told by Tim there is no noted problem with the pad and Tim sent me an extra pad.

The Shop Fox is a 1/2 HP sander that’s CSA certified. This machine produces 58 oscillations per minute and comes with six spindle sizes for added versatility. This machine produces 58 oscillations per minute and comes with six spindle sizes for added ://

August 23, by Christy 46 Comments Hello beautiful friends! Now that our kitchen makeover is complete see the big reveal HERE! Be sure to look for links to their makeovers at the bottom! My project for today is this bookcase I spied at a yard sale a couple of weekends ago: They had closed up for the day and this was still sitting in front of their garage. I had originally planned to add little whales to the back as well, but I liked it when I got to this point.

Plus it will be more versatile without the whales.

SKIL Sandcat 3 X Inch Belt Sander

A blower that from the outside, looks very much like a squirrel cage, having a similar scroll housing but substituting an impeller for the squirrel cage, would provide a higher vacuum with the same horse power. Tape a closure over the inlet of one of your squirrel cage blowers, with a hole for a vac hose and see if it will clean up strewn grinding dust adequately. You say, “I could duct the blower output through a wall directly outside”, may I suggest that rather than “duct the blower output through a wall, that the blower be placed outside with the inlet coming from the trunk, through that hole, to the outside blower, keeping all the system negative ’til it’s outside?

While you are fab’ing the blower into the system, just add a little roof. How ’bout short flex hoses into the trunk at each machine.

 · Sand Your Way to Beauty. Updated 07/12/ Using 3/16″ Strips Plus the Random Orbital Sander. Using 3/16″ strips RELIES on the proper use of a random orbital sander (ROS) to level, smooth and polish the strip surface. I would not consider using a ROS without a hook-up to a shop

Terrific product at a great price. Review by Cal This tool worked great and left no dust except when your near the floor and turn it upside down, at which time you just have to pull the vacuum hose out and suck up that little bit. I highly recommend this product. It really keeps the dust down and I used it with a small, portable shop-vac. I have used it just once and already know I will never sand another wall or ceiling without using this sander.

Yes it is heavier than a non vac sander because of the hose and the suction, but these are non issues as it leaves your work zone virtually dust free. Some dust does fall, but it is a fraction We did get the upgraded HEPA filter for our shop vac. Now the vac doesn’t spew dust from the exhaust. The upgraded filter was a must, or we would have dusted the house otherwise. Nelson There is NO dust using this. I will never again do any drywall work without having this handy. If your arm gets tired

Best Sander Reviews and Buying Guide

In my opinion most tool manufacturers treat dust collection as an afterthought, and do not design the tools to provide adequate removal of dust and debris. To put it simply, the ports are generally too small and poorly positioned, thereby leaving most of the microscopic dust particles hanging in the air where our lungs become the dust collection system. Therefore, if we want to take full advantage of our powerful dust collection system and optimized ductwork, we need to give some extra effort in the final connection to our tools.

5″ Non-Vac Dynorbital Supreme Random Orbital Sander Includes 3/8″ thick, rubber (diamond-face pattern), low profile, 13, RPM max., Non-Vac pad (No. )Can be converted easily to self-generated vac model for hook-up to dust collection systemRandom circular & elliptical motion produces superior finishes.

Grizzly Spindle sanders are business as usual as they have demonstrated over and over that they should have been perceived by the majority of the best makers, which they are. The quality that goes into every Grizzly sander is reminiscent of the expanding deals we’ve seen every year, and this year they’re spot on the track. The Grizzly G Oscillating Spindle Sander comes in at the center of the pack when taking a gander at cost, and contrasted with most it has some great highlights.

The G is one of the many Spindle sanders by Grizzly as it brags flexibility in demonstrating that execution is an alternative. While it won’t precisely overwhelm you as far as power and alternatives, it does mainly what it was expected to do. Suited for the average client because of the usability and no expectation to absorb information, yet at the same time gloats some top of the line highlights. The G highlights a 1-HP engine that produces 72 motions for each moment.

Quick and Easy DIY Dust Collection – Dust Deputy

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