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How well do you know Pretty Little Liars ‘Hard’

Edit The show begins with footage of the night Alison DiLaurentis disappeared. The lights had gone out before Alison had scared them by sneaking up on the other girls in the barn’s doorway. They had laughed and joked about it and sipped the drink Alison brought them. Aria had woken up, followed by Hanna and Emily, to find Ali and Spencer missing.

It seems there should be more of a fan craze surrounding the real life relationship between two of the biggest stars from two of the biggest teen dramas of recent years. Gossip Girl ‘s Leighton Meester and The O.C. ‘s Adam Brody met in while filming the movie The Oranges in New York and began dating.

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Pretty Little Liars recap: New Guys, New Lies

She is portrayed by Troian Bellisario. She is noted as the most intelligent and sophisticated of the Liars and comes from a family of lawyers and other highly intelligent career paths. Her birth mother, Mary Drake , was a patient at Radley while she was pregnant. Veronica couldn’t stand the thought of the baby being forgotten, so she adopted the baby. Immediately after Spencer’s birth, a nurse gave Spencer to a man who then gave her to Veronica, who was waiting outside the sanitarium in a car.

She is best friends with Alison DiLaurentis along with Spencer Hastings, Aria and gets a list of suspects. However, none of her suspects is the real one. The second person behind once again. Years later, Hanna, along with her friends, returns to Rosewood. She is now engaged to Jordan and Caleb is dating Spencer, thus letting Hanna.

Detective Wilden watching their every move! As soon as Alison’s case became a murder investigation, the girls were hounded by Detective Wilden who made them go over every detail, and every conversation, from the night that Alison disappeared. Wilden made it perfectly clear that he didn’t believe any of the girls’ stories. Their guilt over “the Jenna thing. Jenna’s stepbrother Toby was blamed for starting the fire that injured her, when in fact it was Alison who was the real culprit.

The other Liars were all wracked with guilt, and made every attempt to avoid Jenna whenever possible. As if life wasn’t stressful enough, the girls each had their own stuff to deal with too! Aria had been keeping her dad’s affair with Meredith under wraps, but she was horrified when Meredith turned up at Ella’s art opening.

Pretty Little Liars (season 3)

Shay is a nickname. Her birth certificate says Shannon, but her friends used to call her Shay Lo because she loved J. She was born in Mississauga, Ontario. At 10, she moved with her family to West Vancouver, British Columbia.

Spencer and Melissa Hastings had a habit of falling for the same guys, and it always seemed to get Spencer into trouble. After witnessing fiancé Wren kissing her younger sister, Melissa called off the wedding and proceeded to make Spencer’s life hell.

Isabella Biedenharn February 03, at Still texts, still knows way too much and knows it way too fast about the Liars, and still loves a good disguise. Character traits aside, this week we see relationships get more complicated, meet some new characters…and some new suspects. We open with Spencer and Caleb waking up in a blissfully sun-soaked bedroom after their night of passion. Rollins will she be Mrs.

Rollins when she comes back, or is that still later? They seem less threatening and more…asking for help?

spence hastings

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The character Spencer Hastings was 16 in the first episode ofPretty Little Liars (born April 11, ), and so are her otherfriends. Troian Bellisario, the actress who plays S pencer, was bornOctober 28, and was 24 when the series debuted in

He was born onscreen on February 20, He is currently being portrayed by actor Nicolas Bechtel, who debuted on May 16, He was conceived during an affair that his parents had while they were both married to other people: Nikolas to Emily Quartermaine , who acted as his mother until her death in Courtney to Jasper Jacks , who was believed to be his father for the first few months of his life because Jax tampered with paternity test results.

Spencer is seen as a miracle child because his mother, Courtney was told that she was infertile due to a miscarriage in August The twins are pictured to the left. Lance Doven portrayed Spencer for a couple of episodes in Rami Yousef portrayed Spencer for one episode in

Emily Fields/Spencer Hastings

Wren met Alex when he mistaken her for Spencer. Wren told the story about a girl who was exactly like her named Spencer. They became closer and started dating. They were in love but Alex wanted to be Spencer so she convinced Wren to help her and he accepted. She later killed Wren because he would never accept her as Spencer.

EDMUND SPENSER, English poet, author of The Faery Queen, was born in London about the year The received date of his birth rests on a passage in sonnet lx. of the Amoretti. He speaks there of having lived forty-one years; the Amoretti was published in , and described on the titlepage as.

Season 1[ edit ] The former overweight girl is now the “it girl” of Rosewood High School. Along with her new best friend, Mona Vanderwaal , she rules the school and they are clearly labeled under the title of ” queen-bees. In addition, the old group of friends, in which Hanna was a member in the seventh grade, reunite, causing tension between her friendship with Mona. Hanna also has to deal with the threats and the danger of possibly having her secrets revealed by the tenebrous “A.

Season 2[ edit ] After suffering with Caleb’s betrayal, Hanna now has to decide if she’ll be able to forgive him, or just let him go. Meanwhile, Hanna has to struggle with the marriage between her father, Tom, and her soon-to-be step-mother, Isabel. Her friendships Aria, Emily and Spencer grow — angering Mona, who thinks that maybe she has lost her friendship with Hanna.

Hanna ultimately forgives Caleb, and they reunite. In order to find out who is “A,” the girls ask Caleb for help, and Hanna worries about it. The season ends with Hanna finding out that Mona is the person behind the anonymous “A. Hanna’s relationship with Caleb keeps going, until they break up when Caleb gets tired of Hanna’s lies—principally when she covers up her visits to Mona.

Plus, Hanna gets closer to Wren Kingston, but she avoids a possible relationship.

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Lord Jeremy Silver Spencer Hastings is the president, but she feel very lonely I don’t own Pretty Little Liars. Spencer for president 40 years old Spencer Evelyn Patricia Hastings is the President of the United States and the first female president ever. Even though she really love being the president she also feels really lonely since she has no man in her life. Yes, she used to love Toby, but when she started to get interested in politics after she completed her college studies and got her seat on the Rosewood City Council she decided to break up with Toby since she knew that her new career would leave her with almost no time for a good love-life.

Aria Montgomery Spencer Hastings Aria Montero Hanna Marin 2 Who was the character that had a tendency to make secret videotapes of the girls, including some where they were undressing? There was a character in the series that had a number of different romances throughout the series, including a romance with Alison, Melissa and Spencer.

Out of the girls, she is considered pretty, manipulative, secretive, devilish and vindictive. Despite her sometimes malicious behavior toward others, she can make them feel very special, and is known by her close friends to have a sweet and caring side. The daughter Alison’s parents knew, though fiercely independent and recklessly obstinate when challenged, was never the girl hated and feared by many. She never had a close relationship with her brother, Jason DiLaurentis ,and they often fought.

Although Alison seemed the have the perfect life, she was being harassed by a mysterious text-messenger named ” A “, shortly before her death. She rules the town with a golden fist and will not go down without a fight. She is run by her secrets, and if she ever goes down, all of her secrets will be spilled. Earlier in life Ali had a twin, Sutton Drake originally Sutton DiLaurentis When they were young girls, they would play dolls, and have tea parties.

They would throw slumber parties by themselves and stay up untill 5 AM. One day, Sutton had something Ali wanted, the missing piece to her 5th grade time capsule. Everything spun out of control, Ali would force Sutton to go to school and pretend to be her so Ali could get better grades.

Alison DiLaurentis

He also tells her that she has the money and that she shouldn’t keep torturing the girls. Alex tells him that it isn’t about the money and that Spencer got everything and she is close to finally being her. She then notices Ezra and calls out to him. Alex introduces Wren to Ezra while pretending to be Spencer, and even invites him to have drinks with them. However, he declines and walks off.

First of all, it’s been known for a while now that Troian Bellisario is engaged to Patrick J. Adams, so, yeah, Spoby isn’t a real-life thing.

This article’s plot summary may be too long or excessively detailed. Please help improve it by removing unnecessary details and making it more concise. March Learn how and when to remove this template message After trying to escape the dollhouse in the season five finale, Charles punishes Emily, Hanna, Spencer, Aria, and Mona, subjecting them to various types of torture while Alison, Ezra, Caleb, and Toby try to find a way to help find the girls. Andrew becomes a suspect after being reported missing.

Realizing what Charles is planning to do with Alison, the Liars hatch a plan to get out of the dollhouse by setting his vault on fire. The plan worked successfully, and the girls get out of the dollhouse where they are met by Alison, Ezra, Caleb, Toby, and the police. Andrew is arrested and accused of kidnapping the girls. However, the girls are far from okay, as they all suffer from PTSD from their time in captivity.

Pilot (Pretty Little Liars)

She is portrayed as a competitive girl who strives for perfection in everything she does. Spencer is willing to do whatever it takes to win, often to the detriment of herself and others. She is known to have a dark side; She appears to suffer from rage-induced black outs, which leads her to question whether she had anything to do with the death of her friend Alison, and also shows signs of OCD. Spencer also suffers from drug addiction, which she began taking to help her improve her grades at a University of Pennsylvania summer school.

Fun fact: Troian Bellisario (from Pretty Little Liars) is the real life half sister to the actor who plays Thackery Binkx in Hocus Pocus. Troian Bellisario as Dorothea Knoxville Troian Bellisario + Spencer Hastings + Pretty Little Liars her dating life and the truth about her co-stars. Troian Bellisario. (Spencer from Pretty Little.

CeCe attends Ali’s Ice Ball wearing a white cloak to disguise herself. She comforts Ali and gives her a bottle of specially designed perfume as a present. Later, CeCe leaves the party and goes over to the DiLaurentis home with a knife. Welcome to the Dollhouse Charlotte kidnaps the four Liars and brings them to her dollhouse, where she is keeping an alive Mona and forcing her to pretend to be Ali.

Spencer learns of Charlotte’s former name, Charles, and tells the other girls, who then set her up. At the fake prom she forces them to make, the girls call out for her, using Charles. When she finally shows herself, they shut down the power and run. At this point, Charlotte sneaks up behind Spencer but is gone as soon as Mona enters the room. They see Alison talking to someone and see that its ” A “. All of the Liars gasp in shock. Alison asks CeCe how she could do this to her and says she risked everything to help her.

CeCe says that all she gave her was a passport and a plane ticket and that she would hardly call that everything.

Pretty Little Liars

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