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Really loved it, and I think you capture what happy, healthy, long-lasting relationships are really all about. That said, I have a small small point of contention to add. I agree that a relationship partner should not be burdened with having to make their counterpart happy. A healthy relationship isn’t one in which two halves make each other whole; rather, it is one in which to wholes come together and share the happiness they already have. But, attention should still be paid to that person’s traits. Their flaws, their strengths. Because while a good partner shouldn’t have to make you happy, a bad one can certainly make you unhappy. It isn’t as though you should strike a relationship with just anyone, and then stay in it because they aren’t supposed to make you happy anyway. Seems like a good way to ‘adaptive preference’ your way through dealing with a dead-end relationship, so to speak.

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My setup uses Gmail, as it’s the communication tool that I use most often. I’ve set it up to be my all-in-one inbox: You can make Gmail your ultimate productivity center. Focus on sending out high impact messages Here’s something that many people who use social media don’t understand: The secret is to try to make every message you send, or at least a high percentage of them, high-impact messages. The key is to make sure almost every message is something that people will want to share with their friends.

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March 3, deniseyezi 40 comments Dear Danye, I have read your blog about being attracted to someone else while in a relationship and it was really helpful. The thing is, I am in a multi-year relationship with someone 9 years older than me I am in my early 20s. I can say we get along well because we share the same intellectual and maturity level despite the age gap. My boyfriend recently admitted that he is attracted to this girl who is one of his employees he is a manager.

Well, this was not the first time it happened but this time seems to be more serious than before. Unlike the previous situation we had, he admitted to this girl that he likes her though the girl, being in a relationship herself, said that she only sees my boyfriend as a big brother. Despite this, I can still sense that there is something else going on.

They would usually go out drinking with the rest of their team and the two of them would always sit beside each other even after I told my guy to at least try to fight the feeling if he still wants work things out between the two of them. He works overtime everyday which he always did even before we met and after work, they would spend the rest of the day drinking.

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The art of life lies in a constant readjustment to our surroundings. At the start of each week, make a commitment to one person, or a group of up to 10 other people, to do a Habit Sprint. Commit to a habit, create a habit plan, with rewards and an embarrassing consequence, and share it with them. You start with 5 points. During the week, if you miss a day, you subtract 1 point.

And 3 more points if you miss a third straight day.

They’ve worked on different techniques, built good habits and eliminated many of the things causing stress. But that wasn’t enough. There’s one simple exercise, however, that is more powerful than the rest – .

Share Stop kidding yourself. I smoked for over 10 years. A pack a day for most of that time. I tried to quit 14 times. Some attempts lasted a few days. Others lasted as long as 9 months. Then answer this question:

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Add to Wishlist Install In the practice of Yoga, Asana denotes the art of sitting still and also any posture useful for restoring and maintaining a practitioner’s well-being and improving the body’s flexibility and vitality, cultivating the ability to remain in seated meditation for extended periods. Such asanas are known in English as “yoga postures” or “yoga positions”. Any way that we may sit or stand is an asana while a posture used in yoga is called a yogasana.

Modern usage includes lying on the back, standing on the head and a variety of other positions. In the Yoga Sutras, Patanjali defines asana as “to be seated in a position that is firm, but relaxed”.

I think there are plenty of non-fashion blogs in this list (Art of Manliness, Zen Habits, Mark’s Daily Apple, Get Rich Slowly, etc.), but feel free to list others that you like. -B Reply.

Zora Hughes As much as you love your spouse or significant other, when money is tight, you can’t take that person out on the town like you used to. That doesn’t mean that the two of you can’t enjoy romantic activities together. Be creative and have a celebration at home with things you already have or inexpensive, store-bought items. Your special someone will appreciate the effort you put into romance her, even on a budget. Save money by staying home and cuddling up together. Meet Singles in your Area!

Dinner Date If you’re not the one that normally cooks, look up some recipes for a simple meal to surprise your loved one with. Invite her in as if she is the only guests at your gourmet restaurant, and let her sit in the kitchen at the “chef’s table” and watch you work. Making the dinner together is also a romantic option followed by a candlelit dinner.

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By Beth Shapouri Mar 8, Work, life, love, friends, family, world domination—sometimes it seems like you have to be some sort of magical being to stay on top of it all. But some ultra-successful women truly have it all under control while they’re killing it as leaders in their fields. They may seem like superheroes but we assure you they don’t have capes, they just have strategies.

Remember, new habits are built over time. You focus on just starting, then your daily action is your priority (which is a super tiny step) and meanwhile, you give your best to stay consistent. 5. Write/read.

This page is divided into two columns. In the left column, I dedicated two lines to each hour of the day and then divided that time into blocks labeled with specific assignments. In the right column, I add explanatory notes for these blocks where needed. Notice that I leave some extra room next to my time blocks. This allows me to make corrections as needed if the day unfolds in an unexpected way: I call this planning method time blocking. I take time blocking seriously, dedicating ten to twenty minutes every evening to building my schedule for the next day.

During this planning process I consult my task lists and calendars, as well as my weekly and quarterly planning notes. This type of planning, to me, is like a chess game, with blocks of work getting spread and sorted in such a way that projects big and small all seem to click into completion with just enough time to spare. Three Concerns Sometimes people ask why I bother with such a detailed level of planning.

My answer is simple: Sometimes people ask how time blocking can work for reactive work, where you cannot tell in advance what obligations will enter your life on a given day. My answer is again simple:

Connecting to the iTunes Store.

A reader, newly married, asked me to share my tips on how to make a marriage work. I know I have. If you can avoid these seven things, and focus instead on doing the four things above, you should have a strong relationship. If you ever notice yourself having resentment, you need to address this immediately, before it gets worse. There are two good ways to deal with resentment: It seems to happen by itself, out of our control, unbidden and unwanted.

The Ten Habits of Zen to Done. by Marelisa. Tweet. Share. Pin. Share. Leo Babauta’s productivity system, Zen to Done, is a set of 10 habits that will help you to get organized, simplify your life, and get things done. It’s based on David Allen’s “Getting Things Done.

I have been a big fan of Leo Babauta for several years now and have said so on this blog. He was a big inspiration to me and I think he was a very wise man. He probably still is, but I am beginning to wonder. His latest blog article is a perfect example. If you cut out just a few sentences, you will have a very wise and reasoned position that I almost completely agree with. However, he just takes it over the edge by saying some ridiculous things in my opinion and ruins his credibility.

He is thousands of times more successful than I am. I grant all of that for the record. Washing dishes can be as great as anything else, if you decide to see it that way. If you do it mindfully, washing dishes can be pleasant as you feel the suds and water in your hands, pay attention to the dish and its texture, notice your breathing and thoughts. Make something good out of it since you are doing it anyway. You can say the same of anything.

Enjoy the solitude, the chance to be alone with your thoughts, or to listen to music you love, to see the world around you.

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October 12, deniseyezi 7 comments Probably the first rule you should know before going on a blind date is: Because nobody wants to be with someone who constantly nag about their own problems and frustration which have in most cases absolutely nothing to do with you, and you definitely do not want to leave that impression the first time you meet someone. What about close friends? I remember this line from my childhood:

From Sarah – I found this on Zen Habits, it was a guest post from Jeffrey Tang of The Art of Great Things Do what you love. We ve all heard this advice before. It s great advice, though not many people truly take it to heart.

One of the most critical aspects of self-improvement is being keenly aware of all the resources available to you. This falls under the concept of personal responsibility. That said, we’ve taken the great pleasure of compiling a list of what we deem to be the top 65 online resources short men should know about! From blogs which cover fashion, financial advice and relationships all the way to fitness channels on YouTube, eBooks which show you how to network and even magazines which focus on grooming and the best way to travel, we’re pretty sure this list will have something for every compact gent.

Alterations For Short Men: Pants We personally follow many of these online resources for tips, advice and perspective along with their respective social media accounts for regular updates and networking opportunities. Though each of the entries listed here deliver all types of content, most of them excel in one area. With that in mind, we’ve taken the liberty of sorting each of the entries on this list by category.

Here are those categories: Masculinity – Manliness, mindset, people skills, becoming a better you.

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The lady takes her bra off as soon as she comes home. One of you belches without covering their mouth, the other one passes gas loud enough to disturb the birds in the tree outside. You laugh like school children. Afterwards you both go to your separate activities:

LESBIAN DATING SITES. Reply. brain July 19, at pm. true, people lose their minds at sound so e perhaps leo is just on this stage in his life wherein he could not express his true feelings or maybe he is expressing it in such a weird way? Zen Habits; Get smart with the Thesis.

This may be the stage you are at in your life and you are thinking about the same issues and you may be freaking out too, and if I were right, you actually go to a great school with top programs and your grades are decent. But you are still freaking out. There are simply too many options, and you could potentially do anything and everything. But you have no clue what you really want and how you should make such decisions. Ok so here are some well-tested advices by my own experience and by many others on how to figure out your passion and make decisions on your junior internship and more importantly, your first full-time job.

A good name is a solid resume building no matter what. Have at least ONE name on your resume that is well-known and a leader in a given industry. And while you are there as an intern, try to get on high-profile projects, take initiatives to build networks beyond the team you are working with, and most importantly, focus on deliverables models, reports, excel spreadsheets, memos and transferrable skills presentation and communication skills! As a matter of fact, doing an internship in an industry you might be interested in is the BEST way to figure out if you want to see yourself coming back, and many cases you DO NOT want to go back yourself!

So having a solid name here will help you with your career endeavors elsewhere too! Find a good TEAM for your first full-time job Many people ignore how crucial it is to LOVE the team and the people you will be working with for your first full-time job. This is BY FAR the most important quality you should be looking for when making the decision to accept the offer or not. Your first full-time job, being entry-level and being on the bottom of the pyramid, you WILL spend long hours , you WILL be doing things you totally do not enjoy doing regardless of industry and position , but it will make your life SO MUCH easier if you actually like the people you work with, and who simply treat you well.

But it is NOT uncommon for people to quit just a few months into the job, and a few of my friends already started thinking about exit strategies before finishing up their first year.

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